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SAKO – STAHL was founded in 1987 as steel installation specialist. In 1992 the company transferred its operations to Ratschendorf in southern Styria. Two additional companies, SAKO – TRANS and FTW – SAKO, were founded in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

These measures lead to the increase in the range of services connected with the processing of constructional steel, the trading in construction steel, the manufacture of prefabricated concrete components and the transport of construction steel as well as other products. By 2003 the annual output of processed constructional steel had reached 40,000 tons. The steady growth in the output of materials, which has continued since the company’s founding, made it necessary to construct new production facilities as well as extend existing facilities. This would not only enable us to expand our range of services to include the automated production of bored piles, diaphragm walls and welded reinforcing elements but would also allow us to respond to changing national and international market structures.

The reconstruction of the Ratschendorf works and its extension was completed in 2004 and increased the annual production capacity to around 70,000 tons.